Release Date: 06/06/2013

The debut E.P. from Arity is available NOW! "Physics Fall Apart" features six songs with a progressive edge and influences of Protest the Hero, Periphery, Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, etc.

Here's what one reviewer had to say...

"Arity is a force to be reckoned with! From their precise odd time changes, to their intricate break downs, they dance on the borderline of ferocity and beauty. Like a skilled surgeon, their changes are placed with such precision, only skilled musician would dream to play."

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What people are saying

  • I.E. Weekly


    "Starting off strong with the equivalent to a local tour, Arity is on its way to big and great things for progressive metal. This band may have just gotten together recently, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re amateurs. If you check out their individual bios on, you’ll see that these band members have meant serious business for a while now—all having impressive backgrounds in musical experience. Be sure to check out their new E.P. that should be released by the time you’re reading this called Physics Fall Apart. They’re not only talented, they’re altruistic—if you buy their album on, half of the proceeds go to charity. Rock on."

  • Todd Hackett


    "Arity brings some serious promise to the progressive metal scene. With heavy hitting riffs and great musical talent backing up the flexible vocals, the new Physics Fall Apart EP brings an impressively diverse collection of tunes to get your blood pumping."

  • Timothy McDugle


    "There were so many different flavors in this album that I don't even think Gordon Ramsay would send it back. Nights Alone was by far my favorite track, but I found the entire 6 tracks to be well done and I see a very promising career ahead for Arity. Great first effort from a band that I hope to hear more from in the future..."

  • Jason Clement


    "Arity's debut EP, Physics Fall Apart, is one of the most potent and impressive debut releases of 2013. This progressive metal band hails from California, and poses to be a force to be reckoned with. Bringing together various elements of progressive metal, Arity brings together a fusion of the melodic and the chaotic in their songwriting."


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